Android Studio on Mac OS X

Android Studio is the new IDE for coding Android apps. It is still in beta. Google is recommending this over Eclipse with ADT plugin. Installing Android Studio is fairly simple. Go to downloads page – This page will automatically detect your OS and show you correct package to download. Accept the terms and download the dmg file. Double click the downloaded file and then drag the Android Studio logo to Application directory.

Now double click the Android studio logo to open it. On Mac OS X Mavericks you will notice that you see an error –

To open “Android Studio,” you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?

Android Studio Error - Mavericks

If you don’t want to install Java 6 you can click Not Now button.

SOLUTION: Right click the Android Studio logo and select “Show package contents”. Then open the file Contents -> Info.plist in any text editor. Search for


Replace 1.6* with 1.7*. Save the file and try to reopen Android Studio. This time Android Studio should open normally.

Permanently disable annotations in Youtube video

Annotations in youtube video is almost always irritating. Before finding the option to disable it permanently I had to click seetings button in the player and switch off annotation for that video. I recently discovered settings to disable annotation permanently.

Steps to disable annotations:

  1. Go to Youtube settings page (
  2. Click on Playback in left panel (
  3. Untick Show annotations on videos in this page.
  4. Hit Save button.

Now you won’t see those irritating annotations on videos. You can turn it on for any specific video by clicking setting button in the player.

How to change cover photo of a Google+ photo album

Update 2: Latest steps to change cover photo of a Google+ photo album:

  1. Go to the album view. And click “Organizebutton at the top of the album.
  2. Click on larger icon in top right corner. This will show larger previews of each image.
  3. Now you should notice “Album Cover” whenever you hover over any image thumbnail. Click this “Album Cover” to change album cover.

Update: Google has changed the interface and changing cover photo is much more intuitive. So content of this blog post doesn’t hold true anymore.

Changing cover photo of a Google+ photo album can be tricky for some people. Follow these steps to change the cover photo –

Step 1: Go to the album view. And click “Organize” button at top of the album.

Step 2: Notice that a bookmark-type icon is present on the cover photo. Below is the example of a bookmark icon.



Step 3: Now hover on any photo you want to make cover photo. Hover towards the top left corner. You should see this bookmark-type icon on the photo. Click that icon to make that the cover photo of the album.

You are done!

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