Gaana vs Saavn vs Wynk

Saavn, Gaana and Wynk are most popular music streaming service for Indian (especially Bollywood) songs. Wynk is slightly new in the league and is subdivision of Indian telecom giant Airtel.

All of them offer free (mostly ad-supported) as well as paid music streaming and downloading service (ad-free and premium features).

Here is a comparision of all three of them.


Gaana and Saavn are available on web, Android and iOS.
Wynk is only available on Android and iOS.

: Gaana+ is the name of premium service. It offers unlimited music download and no ads ever. It will cost you INR 99/month if you pay by your telecom operator or INR 123.99/month if you pay via Play Store or iTunes Store. They also offer per day, per week and per year plans.
: Saavn offers two plans – Saavn Pro and Saavn Lite. Saavn Pro is for users from anywhere in the world whereas Saavn Lite is only for Indian users.
Saavn Pro will cost you INR 220/month. It offers unlimited music download and no ads forever. And on top of that it allows your music to be downloaded on 5 devices (Android or iOS).
Saavn Lite will cost you INR 110/month. It offers unlimited music download and no ads forever. However you can download music on any one device (Android or iOS).
: Wynk also offers two plans – Wynk Plus and Wynk Freedom.
Wynk Plus will cost you INR 99/month (or INR 29/month if you are Airtel Customer using Android device or INR 60/month if you are using iOS device). It offers unlimited song download and no ads.
Wynk Freedom will cost you INR 129/month. But this plan is only available for Airtel customers using Android devices. This plan offers unlimited download without data charges (FUP of 500 songs apply on this plan).
Apart from unlimited song download and streaming, Wynk also offers song purchase and setting up hello tune.

Android Studio on Mac OS X

Android Studio is the new IDE for coding Android apps. It is still in beta. Google is recommending this over Eclipse with ADT plugin. Installing Android Studio is fairly simple. Go to downloads page – This page will automatically detect your OS and show you correct package to download. Accept the terms and download the dmg file. Double click the downloaded file and then drag the Android Studio logo to Application directory.

Now double click the Android studio logo to open it. On Mac OS X Mavericks you will notice that you see an error –

To open “Android Studio,” you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?

Android Studio Error - Mavericks

If you don’t want to install Java 6 you can click Not Now button.

SOLUTION: Right click the Android Studio logo and select “Show package contents”. Then open the file Contents -> Info.plist in any text editor. Search for


Replace 1.6* with 1.7*. Save the file and try to reopen Android Studio. This time Android Studio should open normally.

Eclipse Luna on Mac OS X Mavericks

Eclipse recently launched new version of its IDE – Luna. Luna comes with official support for Java 8. Installing Eclipse on Mac OS X is fairly simple. Go to eclipse download page. Download should automatically detect your OS and show you correct package according to your OS. Download the package which suits according to your need. Extract the downloaded file to get a directory named “eclipse”. In this directory there should be an executable called Eclipse. Double click this to start eclipse.

In Mac OS X Mavericks when I tried to start eclipse I got this error:

The JVM shared library “/Library/Third Party Plugins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/…/lib/server/libjvm.dylib” does not contain the JNI_CreateJavaVM symbol.

Eclipse Lune Mavericks Issue


SOLUTION: To solve this issue righ click on Eclipse executable and click “Show Package Contents” as shown here:

Eclipse Right Click


Then open file Contents -> Info.plist in any text editor. Search for


Insert this line (replace * with correct version number). Also note that this is all in one line.


Save and close this Info.plist file. Try to reopen Eclipse and it should work fine.

Please let me know if you find more issues.